Commercialisation of AngoSat-2
Commercialisation of AngoSat-2

Commercialisation of AngoSat-2

Client: Angolan National Space Program Management Office (GGPEN)


Before launching its second commercial high throughput communication satellite, Angosat-2, in October 2022, the Angolan government entrusted GGPEN as the main organ responsible for operating the satellite. To assess the feasibility of commercialising the satellite, GGPEN sought the expertise of Space in Africa. The objective was to create a comprehensive business plan offering valuable insights into the most effective business practices to support Angola’s aspirations with the satellite. 

Client’s Need 

GGPEN plans to leverage the business plan’s insights to commercialise AngoSat-2 and facilitate communication between companies, governments, and individuals. The aim is to bridge distances, reduce information exclusion, and positively impact the socio-economic development of Angola and the SADC region.


Space in Africa undertook extensive market research to identify the ideal customers and industries for AngoSat-2’s commercialisation in Angola and Southern Africa. We devised a strategic pricing model, set up distribution channels, and crafted a comprehensive marketing strategy. Our primary focus was on ensuring customer satisfaction and sustainability, and exploring opportunities for business expansion to maximise the satellite’s positive impact on socio-economic development in Angola, the SADC region and beyond. Strict compliance with regulations, proactive risk management, and continuous monitoring were integral to effectively adapting to changing market dynamics.


Space in Africa developed a comprehensive plan to identify the best approach and structure for market penetration, the commercialisation of Angosat-2, and recommendations on the best policy and regulations to be adopted.


In October 2022, the satellite was successfully launched, followed by its commercialisation in February 2023. Within a month, GGPEN announced that 33% of the C band transponders on the satellite had been sold, showcasing the swift impact of our plan’s implementation and recommendations. We anticipate a continuous upward trajectory and confidently expect the project to meet and surpass expectations across all aspects. 

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