Business Plan for Southern African Broadcasting Association

Industry Segment: Satellite TV services

Client Need

Through its Secretariat, the Southern African Development Community (SADC) member states intend to launch a television channel dedicated to stimulating the growth of the broadcasting ecosystem across the SADC region. As a key implementer in this plan, the Angolan National Space Program Management Office (GGPEN) commissioned Space in Africa to develop a business plan for determining the most cost-effective technology to broadcast TV Signals across the SADC region.


Our approach involved comprehensive research aimed at determining the most cost-effective technology for broadcasting TV signals across the SADC region, stimulating the growth of the broadcasting ecosystem. We built our research on a thorough needs assessment, evaluation of broadcasting technologies, and consideration of regulatory landscapes. Additionally, we focused on financial viability, content strategy, distribution network, marketing, and strategic partnerships to create a successful television channel that catered to diverse preferences and contributed to regional development.


We crafted a comprehensive business plan diligently, encompassing various essential elements. This plan included a well-thought-out revenue generation plan to establish sustainable income streams for the project’s success. Furthermore, we conducted a meticulous risk assessment to identify potential challenges and uncertainties that could arise during implementation. An effective risk management plan was devised to ensure the project’s viability and resilience, outlining proactive measures to mitigate and address any identified risks. The comprehensive approach adopted in the business plan aimed to lay a solid foundation for the project’s successful launch and sustained growth, fostering its positive impact on the broadcasting ecosystem across the SADC region.


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