GGPEN Hosts Delegates from the Zambian Ministry of Technology and Science

The Managing Director of the National Space Programme Management Office (GGPEN) hosted a team of delegates from the Zambian Ministry of Technology and Science, led by the Permanent Secretary, Dr Brilliant Habeenzu, the Zambian Ambassador in Angola, Laurence Chalungumuna, and  Dr Faustin Banda, to explore opportunities for enhancing space cooperation, explicitly focusing on the advantages of satellite communication technologies.

Source: GGPEN

During the meeting, the delegates were introduced to the jointly developed satellite imagery AI tool, “Tech-Agro Angola-Zambia”. This tool provides essential insights into cultivated areas in Zambia, offering detailed information on vegetation status, crop area, and crop type detection at the farm level. Through this collaborative efforts, African nations are forging the path toward revolutionary advancements, fostering mutual learning, and bolstering space capabilities.