SSGI Partners with Addis Ababa City Landholding Registration and Information Agency for Digital Address System Development

The Ethiopian Space Science and Geospatial Institute (SSGI) has partnered with the Addis Ababa City Land Ownership and Registration Agency to develop a digital address system for Addis Ababa. Mr Abdisa Yilma, the SSGI’s director and Mr Gfawossen Desisa, the director of Addis Ababa City Land Ownership Registration and Agency, officially signed the agreement, as reported by SSGI. 

Mr Abdisa Yilma emphasised the role of the digital address system in a country’s economic and social development. He highlighted its significance in ensuring smooth city service delivery, modernising social and economic activities, and fostering the construction of a digital economy with the necessary quality and speed. Moreover, he noted the proposed systems’ role in enhancing the overall safety of the citizens.

                                Mr Abdisa Yilma, SSGI’s director, delivering his address. Source: SSGI

Furthermore, Mr Abdisa revealed that the digital address system will not be limited to cities but will be implemented nationwide, starting in urban areas. During the signing ceremony, Mr Gfawosen expressed the project’s potential to modernise the city, simplify residents’ economic and social activities, and create a conducive environment for global business.

Mr Gfawossen Desisa, the director of Addis Ababa City Land Ownership Registration and Agency, delivering his address. Source: SSGI

Mr Gfawosen acknowledged the city’s rapid growth and highlighted how the digital address system would support the city’s integrated basic plan. “It is expected to encourage online business activities, facilitate interactions between service providers and users, accurately locate institutions and housing, develop a comprehensive digital address map and system, and update the city’s land administration and other relevant information, he concluded.”

                  Attendees at the event. Source: SSGI

SSGI, in collaboration with stakeholders, is actively working towards establishing modern cities by implementing digital address systems. The institute is currently finalising the digital address system for Bishoftu City, as stated by Mr Agmase Gebeyhu, the project coordinator of the Space Science and Geospatial Institute.