Paratus Signs Reseller Agreement with Eutelsat Oneweb for South Africa

Paratus Group (Paratus) has announced that it has entered an agreement to distribute Eutelsat Oneweb’s LEO services in South Africa.

LEO satellite technology is at the forefront, providing high-speed, low-latency internet access globally. With hundreds of LEO satellites deployed by OneWeb at around 1,200 km, this represents a significant departure from traditional geostationary satellites orbiting at 36,000 km. The lower altitude of LEO satellites significantly reduces signal delay, ultimately enhancing the user experience.

Through Eutelsat OneWeb’s LEO service, Paratus South Africa now provides high bandwidth with a latency of less than 70 milliseconds. This translates to faster and more reliable connectivity for diverse needs — businesses, governmental entities, or communities — regardless of geographical location.

Paratus South Africa will leverage its extensive experience in providing broadband services, enterprise IT solutions, and a robust nationwide network to ensure fast, reliable and secure remote internet solutions across the region.

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