EgSA Hosts Third Basic Space Technology Training Workshop to Advance Space Activities in Africa

The Egyptian Space Agency (EgSA), in collaboration with the Egyptian Agency for Partnership and Development (EAPD), conducted the third iteration of the “Basic Space Technology Training Workshop 2023”. The workshop aims to promote capacity building amongst African engineers and scientists and ensure the implementation of objectives from the African Space Policy and Strategy and the African Space Agency.

Source: EgSA

Furthermore, the workshop was designed as part of the framework of the regional collaboration between the Egyptian Space Agency (EgSA) and African countries to serve as a platform for advancing inclusive development in space technologies and propelling the benefits of space exploration. In addition, the workshop offers hands-on exercises designed to enhance satellite engineering skills for teams representing African nations, simultaneously fostering stronger relations between Egypt and African countries.

Source: EgSA

“EgSA welcomes the delegates from thirteen African countries represented in this training session; the group of specialists presented at the training had the opportunity to take a tour of EgSA facilities, access laboratories and see the progress of establishing the headquarters of the African space agency. This year, we provided training in both English and French, thanks to the EAPD support. The seventeen specialists had the opportunity to exploit their capabilities and skills with Egyptian specialists, allowing more collaborative future opportunities”, commented Professor Mohamed Sedky, the CEO of EgSA.

Source: EgSA
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