Angola, Technical Teams Applauded at SADC Satellite Sharing Project Meeting

Angola, Technical Teams Applauded at SADC Satellite Sharing Project Meeting

Through GGPEN, Angola has been leading the work developed by the SADC government structure’s technical teams for the implementation of the Regional Satellite Sharing Project.

On July 25, 2022, Angola attended and led a meeting of the Steering Committee. Dr. Zolana Joao presided over the discussion, which covered the following agenda items:

  • Recap on relevant recommendations from the SADC Satellite Communications workshop held in January 2022;
  • Appointment of additional members to the Steering Committee and Technical Working Groups (TWGs);
  • Progress report of the work carried out by the SADC Satellite Expert Team (TWG), as well as an activity road plan;
  • Position paper on the choices and requirements for Angola to become the SADC Regional Satellite Network’s ITU Notifying Administration;
  • Status Report on the Angosat-2 Satellite Launch.

The Management Committee members praised the work produced by the technical teams, particularly the PMO Angola for the technical assistance it offered to the teams.

It is worthy of note that obtaining an orbital location for a project of this scale is not a simple undertaking. Analyses have been conducted in order to achieve a suitable orbital location for the project.

The Steering Committee members emphasised the necessity for staff training in order to gain the essential technical tools in the context of determining the optimal orbital locations to be later submitted to the bases of data from the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

The Steering Committee members endorsed the position paper document for Angola’s approval to represent SADC Member States in the SADC Regional Satellite Sharing project. The committee also praised Angola in the presentation on the update launch of the Angosat-2 Satellite within the scope of the National Space Program.

GGPEN has been a strong arm within the scope of the project to implement the SADC Shared Satellite, the result of strategic partnerships with other entities in the training of staff in matters of frequency coordination and satellite design.