Egyptian Space Agency signs executive agreement with Beni Suef University

The Egyptian Space Agency (EgSA) has signed another executive agreement. This time, it’s with Beni Suef University. The agreement would see EgSA supply Beni Suef University’s Faculty of Navigation and Space Technology with an educational satellite.

Dr Mohamed Khalil Iraqi, EgSA’s executive vice president, and Dr Osama Shalbeya, dean of the Faculty, signed the executive agreement on Thursday. The Rector of Beni Suef University, Dr Mansour Hassan, and Dr Mohamed Ibrahim, director of the educational satellite project at EgSA, witnessed the agreement’s signing.

Because of its collaborative project with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to provide 35 educational satellites to universities across Egypt, EgSA has signed executive agreements with different institutions. It has signed executive agreements with the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, the Suez Canal University, and the Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute.

Beni Suef University’s Rector, Dr Mansour Hassan, explained that EgSA would give newly-graduated students practical training on space through the agreement. They would explore key concepts such as designing electronic systems, mechanical systems and associated software, and system engineering operations.

EgSA would also provide an integrated theoretical and practical curriculum for space science and technology education, including workouts in the satellite laboratories. This would give students practical experience in testing and operating satellites, motivate them to design and operate their own space systems, and enter local and international competitions.