The Egyptian Space Agency Is Hiring For Multiple Positions

The newly formed Egyptian Space Agency is currently hiring for multiple positions. The Egyptian Space Agency was established in August 2019 and is responsible for outer space missions serving national development and security objectives of the Egyptian government.

To support its mission, the agency is looking for good talents that could fit into several positions. This include the following:

  1. Director of the Auditing and Accounts Department
  2. Staffs of the audit and accounting department
  3. Director of Budget and Costs Management
  4. Budget and cost accounting personnel
  5. Director of Contracting Department
  6. Contract Management Staff
  7. Store Manager
  8. Store management staff
  9. Director of Engineering Management
  10. Engineers in engineering management
  11. Engineering Department employees
  12. Engineering management technicians
  13. Craftsmen in engineering management
  14. Engineering Management Drivers
  15. Head of Headquarters Affairs Department
  16. Engineers in headquarters affairs management
  17. Craftsmen in the administration of the headquarters affairs
  18. Director of the Internal Services Department
  19. Internal Services Department employees
  20. Support services, Internal Services Department
  21. Director of human talent management and development
  22. Employees in the management and development of human talent
  23. Director of the Benefits and Benefits Department
  24. Employees of benefits and benefits management
  25. Human Resources Operations Manager
  26. Director of the Institutional Development Department

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