SES Set To Host 2019 Industry Days Africa (iDAfrica2019)

The 2019 SES industry days Africa (iDAfrica) is set to hold on November 11, at The Lookout, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa. During the one-day event, thought leaders, industry professionals and colleagues, who share a similar passion for Africa and the plethora of opportunities that satellite technology can bring to the region, will be looking to examine the future of technology, through a collective lens.

This year’s edition will provide the platform for delegates to examine Cloud technologies and Software-defined satellite networking, while also seeking to explore the future of Television in Africa and discovering the transformative power of Wi-Fi as a service in the African market.

Cloud technologies involve the ability to host services from a remote location, that can be fully accessed and used anywhere through the Internet. While cloud computing is a burgeoning, yet evolving field, with technologies such as storage, data management, cloud deployment, artificial intelligence and whatnot, SES will be looking to discuss the driving improvements in experience and efficiency for audiences and users via cloud-based technologies.

Together with its partners, customers and industry leaders, SES will discuss how Software-Defined Satellite Networking enables the integration of satellites into terrestrial network architectures and its implication for Africa’s connectivity drive.

Innovative models to grow viewership for TV content “everywhere” will also be discussed. Aside users having preferences, they also want to be able to access (stream) video content from a television channel. Authenticated streaming (video-on-demand) makes this possible by requiring users to ”authenticate” themselves as current subscribers (Netflix, HBO, Amazon etc) to the channel, via an account provided by their participating pay television provider, in order to access the content through internet-based services and mobile apps, either live or on-demand, across multiple platforms on the internet and mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, digital media players and video game consoles.

Quite people are beginning to rely on cloud technology for applications, data management, etc. and it is imperative to have infrastructure that can sustain this technology. The growing internet demand now requires that people stay connected at all times, even in remote areas. Ultimately, this will lead to the development of rural areas, much faster than anticipated, and large cities will become less congested.

SES will demo its hybrid video solutions and turnkey Wi-Fi Network as a Service solution.

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