South African Company Releases New Kits For Rapid Development Of CubeSats

XinaBox (pronounced as X-in-a-box), a modular electronics and IoT development company based in South Africa, has released two hardware prototyping kits for the development of CubeSats.

The newly released kits, known as XK90 and XK91, are the latest in the company’s stock of over 70 different modular xChips and rapid prototyping kits.

The company already offers a broad range of modular kits and rapid prototyping components known as xChips, which includes processor boards, cores, sensors; power, communication, output, control and storage devices, as well as a variety of supporting functions including LoRa, Bluetooth and WiFi, OLED displays; capacity touch sensing, proximity sensing, temperature sensing; humidity sensing, universal digital and analogue input modules, among others.

XinaBox product ecosystem allows for seamless integration with single board computers (SBC), embedded systems and other hardware programming environments. Some of the xChips are developed for building weather stations and science experiments in Extreme Low Earth Orbit (ELEO) onboard small satellites.

Announcing the company’s latest release, XinaBox Co-founder Judi Sandrock wrote, “true to our ecosystem, we have developed kits with bridges and connectors enabling XinaBox xChips to operate with the CubeSat hardware and software standards.”


XK90 and XK91 were developed to offer schools and universities an opportunity to build CubeSats using XinaBox xChips and kits, based on CubeSat hardware and software standards. Project teams can easily customise their kits by adding other XinaBox kits and components to fit specific research or mission objectives.

The company notes in the product description, “whether you use the XinaBox CubeSat in the classroom exclusively, or you fly your CubeSat on a party balloon, hot air balloon, or high altitude mission, onboard spacecraft such as Blue Origin’s New Shepard, Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShip Two or the International Space Station, or you get lucky enough to launch it into space, building a CubeSat is easy. XinaBox allows you to realise the IKEA effect, feeling proud of building and programming your satellite from scratch.”

XinaBox provides the required coding libraries and tutorials for the kits and components, helping schools and university teams to rapidly develop and deliver CubeSat projects. Upon successful order, the company will further configure the kits to suit the project specification.

XinaBox is already working to increase its product range to about 200 different modular xChips during 2020 to serve several growing user segments, and also complement the existing product line. Sales at the international market account for 85% of the company’s total order volume, and the company expects that to be over 90% within the next few months.

Watch the above video to learn more about  the XK90 and XK91 kits for building CubeSats


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