NewSpace Systems is setting the pace for space start-ups in Africa

NewSpace Systems, a South African, privately owned advanced manufacturer of “lean”, high-quality space components and sub-systems was created through a joint venture between the South African company SCS Aerospace Group and the Dutch SSBV Group in 2013, NewSpace today has the capability to design and manufacture a range of components and sub-systems from both its facilities in South Africa and the United Kingdom. Particularly strong in the area of Attitude Control Systems; NewSpace predominantly focuses on excelling in the small satellite market.

Today their NewSpace cleanroom represents a unique facility on the African continent that is well suited for requirements arising out of a variety of industries.

Several of the satellites launched this month have made use of NSS hardware for the Attitude Control of their spacecraft. Products utilized include their Sun Sensors, GPS Antennae, Magnetometers and custom Magnetorquer Rods. Additionally, as part of their contract manufacturing offering, the NSS team were also involved in the production of several of the internal harnesses responsible for the ejection of several nano-satellites on-board two of the launches. Needless to say it’s been an exciting end to a very busy year for the NSS family.

Top products from NSS include: Fine (Digital) Sun Sensor, Magnetometer, Reaction Wheel, Magnetorquer, GPS Receiver, Patch Antenna, Propulsion, Communication, Cubesat Sun Sensor, Cubesat Magnetorquer, Cubesat ACS Board, Star Mapper, Stellar Gyro etc. In 2018, they delivered 150 Magnetorquer Rods to clients across the world.

Quickly becoming one of the largest suppliers of magnetorquer rods globally, this transition to high-quality, high-volume production has required a commitment from the NSS team to constantly rethink, optimize and innovate on its design, manufacture and test processes and procedures. The result has been a dedicated manufacturing area, improved traceability through a procurement and stores system which makes use of bar-coding, visual manufacturing process guidance and a semi-automated test environment with electronic test data capture. These measures reflect the NSS teams continued dedication to delivering quality products, in time and on budget, despite the growing demands of international missions.

The NSS team are currently exporting to 19 countries, on 5 continents, and have partners and resellers in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America.

In 2018, NewSpace Systems grew its technical capacity by 25%, ensured gender equality at work with 50% female employment, increased its employees by 18% and got 7 new resellers across the world.

Mr. James Barrington-Brown

“What a year it’s been for the NewSpace team and our partners. While no year is complete without some lows, the triumphs we’ve had with our clients when we’ve managed to meet demanding mission requirements, the both newly formed and previously established partnerships we’ve continued to grow and strengthen, and the relentless effort our team has put towards innovation and excellence has made 2018 a year of many milestones. A big thank you to everyone who has continued to support the NSS team; we look forward to what 2019 has in store for all of us!” – Mr. James Barrington-Brown

To partner with NewSpace Systems or learn more about the amazing work the company is doing, visit their website.