Realizing a Regional African Space Program – Excerpt from Innovation in Outer Space

The much anticipated book titled “Innovation in Outer Space – International and African Legal Perspective” is now available for purchase.

Progress in exploration and exploitation of outer space is proceeding rapidly, resulting in new space telecommunication services, innovative use of the constellation of satellite and new methods of prolonging the life of those satellites. In response, this book offers an analysis of outer space activities and the resulting legal implications. It offers a dual perspective. It looks at developments in international law, such as the regulation of non-GEO constellations, on-orbit services and in the field of space mining.

According to Timiebi Aganaba-Jeanty, Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) and one of the major contributors for the book;

“In the African context, regional cooperation in the space domain could be an avenue to be pursued because actors are more closely aligned, and it provides for cost sharing and pooling of resources as well as increased influence on a global stage. This action could pave the way for an evolution in the general principles that govern international space cooperation, allowing all actors to think more coherently and systematically about cooperation at a time when impacts are asymmetrically felt. Such an evolution may be opportune, as well, at a time when cooperation is needed to produce greater capacity to share and manage collective goods.”

The book explores the developments on the African continent. Specifically it examines the growing need of space services in the area of mobile communications via satellites, internet access, Earth observations, disaster management, and navigation. One of the chapters also introduces the objectives of the newly adopted African Space Policy and the proposed African Space Agency with an emphasis on analysis of the agenda, actor group, internal and external capacity, and implementation experience of Africa towards the goal of cooperative space development in the region.

The book is available for purchase here